Sunday, 17 January 2016

Alabarde alabarde by José Saramago

The book you wish you never had to read. The last incomplete book Saramago wrote before he died, it is only 3 chapters with few note of the author but somehow you already love the characters.
It was a very hard reading, because every page I was hoping I would turn the page and there would  still be many more to read...but eventually it had to end, incomplete with a quite clear idea of where he wanted to go, but with lots, too many questions of how he would have gone on with the writing.

In the Italian version (I am not even sure it was translated in English) there is a note from Roberto Saviano, the author of Gomorrah, at the end of the book. The note is full of love, admiration and hope and this made the book even more intense.
You are missed Saramago, you are so missed...

A Supposedly Fun Thing I'll Never Do Again by David Foster Wallace

On the line that connect people through books, I got this as a gift from somebody  I do not know in person, but that seems to know quite well what I like to read.

I wanted to read it for a while, fascinated by the title mainly, being quite ignorant on the magnificence of the author and all his fame.

This book is a reportage of the author's life on a fancy cruise in the Caribbean. where he is suppose to explore the "fun" the cruise promised.
We understand from the beginning that he is not the cruise-type, and the way he describes the people and the situations on this huge ship, will put a constant smile on your face.
The highlights of the book are the author's footnote, that become actually the main part of the book, the most clever, sharp and funny.

Perfect book to read on a trip, which is exactly what I did.