Monday, 23 December 2013

Julie & Julia by Julie Powell

Julie doesn't like her job (as 50% of people in the world I think).
Julie had only one boyfriend, now her husband, so she didn't live the changing-bf-phase of half of her friends (oh well!).
Julie is basically unhappy with her life (as many people in the world).
So what makes then Julie different from any average unhappy woman in the rest of the world? The BIG difference is that she decided to do something about her unhappiness, to make a change. How many of us do that?
And it is not that she actually managed to cook 524 recipes in 1 year while keeping on with her "normal" life (and we are talking about French cooking by Julia Child!), it is the personal growth that she undertook while cooking, it is the risk she exposed her self to that make the difference; the risk of loosing her job, loosing her husband, loosing her "easy" life.
Even though I took ages (for my standard) to read this book, it is a very nice reading, that every person that undertook, willing to or scared to making a change should read.
"So that night I made my New Year's resolution, better late than never: To Get Over My Damned Self. If I was going to follow Julia down this rabbit hole, I was going to enjoy it, by God-exhaustion, crustacean murder, and all. Because not everybody gets a rabbit hole. I was one lucky bastard, when you came down to it".

If you are interested this is the actual link to Julie blog

And here is the trailer of the movie adapted from the book with the great Meryl Streep
I must say the movie is very nice, not very usual when coming from a book.

p.s. if you are wondering if this blog is the result of the reading of this book, I wouldn't know what to answer. I don't have an unhappy life and I have already made many changes to make my life better, let's say this book maybe just gave me that last stimulus to start the blog!

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