Saturday, 21 December 2013


Once I was nothing more than a kid  I opened this little book full of nice drawings and I started reading it; what I understood was that there was a Little Prince from a little planet telling stories about crazy people.
Then I read it again when I was a bit older and I got a more deep meaning of the little book. Since then I read it regularly, and every time I understand something new.
I buy an edition of the "Little Prince" in every country I visit, people think I am crazy, but what do they know of  the boa constrictor swallowing the whole prey without chewing it? They might be just the one seeing just a hat.

So welcome to the place where you will find a whole elephant swollen by a boa, where you will follow a white rabbit down a hole just to discover where he might go. This might become the place where you will start reading while walking on a street full of people, the place where you might arrive late at work to finish the chapter of the book you are reading, the place where a tea (better if green) and a good book will be your friends.

Welcome all and one, but mostly a big welcome to me!

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