Sunday, 31 August 2014

Manual of Painting and Calligraphy: A Novel by José Saramago

Here we are with my other favorite writer: Saramago.
The love for him grew really in the last couple of years and I wonder how I could have ignored him for so long!

The way he can enter the human brain is fascinating, and at times, quite scary.

This book came with me on holiday, and I am sorry for it 'cause I couldn't give the right concentration and time that Saramago always deserves!

This is the story of a so-called-painter, Mister H, specialised in portrait of rich families. Mister H is perfectly aware of his poor skills and his poor ability so he decides to try another form of art, writing.
In the way from a white canvas to a white page he slowly discover himself in a personal and artistic growth.

Must say, not the best reading of Saramago I did. The first few pages I barely recognised his style; but I discover this was one of his first book, so clearly he had still not found his unique style. Said that, the book get very interesting after the first part and toward the end I couldn't stop reading it, as it happen always with Saramago's book.

Therefore, it wouldn't be the first book I'd recommend for this writer, but if you already love him, like me, you would still enjoy the reading quite much.

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