Saturday, 2 August 2014

The little hero by Crofts Andrew

This is the true story of  Iqbal Masih. We are in Pakistan where Iqbal is forced into slavery in a carpet factory in order to pay a never-ending family debt. With courage and determination Iqbal free himself from this situation and join the Bonded Labor Liberation Front, with the intent of studying to liberate the other thousands kids in slavery situations in his country.

Iqbal became an internationally renowned opponent of child and slave labor and, with his charisma and determination, he helped to save many children from slavery.

The story and the reality don't have a happy end for Iqbal but his life opened the eyes to a big problem of our society.

Here you can find more info about him and here you can find a very well done comic strips about his life.

The book is intense and very touching and makes you think a lot.
How many of the things we buy on a daily basis are done by kids forced to labor? How much are we contribuiting to the kid's slavery? Those are questions that should be addressed more carefully from each of us and we should demand a more clear labeling of the product we buy.
No more Iqbal should be forced to work!!!!

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