Monday, 22 August 2016

Hitman Anders and the Meaning of It All by Jonas Jonasson

The third book of Jonasson, the third secure laugh! Oh you did it again!

As I think I said before about his books, I know that you can either love or hate them, and I do love them.

Here we meet a new funny character, Hitman Anders, a former criminal that once out of prison meets some craz(ier) people on his way that have a mission in mind: make some easy money and become rich. With a naive reception and a priest without vocation, we will be brought in a new crazy adventure characterised by Moldovan red wine and Bible quotes.
As I read somewhere, while reading this book you hope God has a BIG sense of humour!!!

Yes ok, none of his books can compare in originality and laugh with his first masterpiece, but give him a break, his books are so enjoyable that I cannot stop laughing while reading them.

You did it again Jonasson!

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