Monday, 28 November 2016

The Little Prince- The Movie

Sometimes I should just follow my gut, I knew I did not have to watch it, I knew it.
It came out in the cinema and I didn't go, as the chance to get disappointed were too high, but then I saw the DVD on offer, and in a sentimental moment I decided to buy it.

Created an atmosphere and started watching it. The first 30 minutes were magic, WOW, they found a nice way to not simply recreate the book, but to try to interpret it, through the eyes of a little girl that discover for the first time the story of the little prince. I was impressed.
Then all goes wrong, like cold water while your are sleeping, you suddenly wake up and the magic is lost, forever...

The only was to recover was to read again the book, in bed, with nice music, to reconnect with the world...

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